Quarter Auction: How  does it work?

Posted by Patricia Centeno Helgeson
17th Annual Western Auction
Quarter Auction All-In Bidders
For $30.00 you can go All-In on the Quarter Auction.  This means that you will receive a paddle # that identifies you as an All-In bidder during the Quarter Auction.  When the time arrives you won't need quarters to bid on these items -- your paddle # takes care of it all.  So, every time your paddle # is called during the Quarter Auction, you will win that item automatically.  This increases your odds to win more prizes.
Auctioneers automatically know a bidder is All-In by looking at their paddle (the ping pong ball matches a line under the number).  When they see it they know you are a winner.  But, you still need to pay attention during the process to make sure to raise your paddle when your number is called, but the winning is automatic!
Hope everyone goes All-In on Sat., Oct. 29, 2016 at the 17th Annual Western Auction!