Posted by Patricia Centeno Helgeson

Welcome Club Officers
Kris Williams, Allan Duncan, Patricia C. Helgeson (Front Row/sitting)

The Williams Rotary Club 2019-2020 Officers continue serving the Williams Community.
Allan Duncan, President;
Kris Williams, Secretary;
Patricia Centeno Helgeson, Treasurer.
If you are interested in joining Rotary and supporting ongoing efforts, please join us for lunch at the Wild West Junction, 321 E. Route 66.  We meet at 6 pm on the 1st Thursday of the month.  Thank you Williams for your support of the Williams Rotary Club!
Picture: Family & Friends Standing L-R: Todd Helgeson, Deby McArthur, David Simmer, Carissa Morrison & Kevin McElwee, Tara Woods, Donna Eastman Liddle, Louise Durnez & Michael Motes, and Renee & Joe Weathersby.